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Finishing Touches by Sophie Duffy

So you’ve written your piece to enter the Hysteria Writing Competition 2016? If you haven’t, you’ve still got three weeks in which to do this. You still have time to start and complete a piece, if you crack on with it. If you’ve already finished your poem, flash, or story, then it won’t do any harm to go back over it and check those finishing touches.

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Hysteria 2016 Judge

Meet Beatriz Menadez, poetry judge hysteria 2016

Which writers or poets inspire you and why?

As a rule, I tend to prefer books over writers, especially those whose stories stay with you well after you’ve finished reading the last page –which I guess is after all the expectation we all wish fulfilled after reading a book— and am less inclined to read something for the sole reason that X author has penned it.

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Vietnam War Memorial

What are your intentions? by Sophie Duffy

Whatever you are writing for this competition, make sure your piece has honourable intentions. By this I mean, make sure your entry has a point, a story, something to say. A competent use of grammar, a way with words, a quirky style is a good start, but it isn’t enough. You need to leave the judges with an impression that is hard to shake. You need to give your piece of writing a life that will go on after they have finished reading.

Here’s a few things to think about when starting out or redrafting.

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