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Maya Pieris

Meeting Maya Pieris, Hysteria 2017 poetry category judge

Maya Pieris is one of the judges for the Hysteria 2017 poetry category. She has had poems and prose published in the South Poetry anthologies, Dorset Voices, This Little World (Dorset Writers Network), the 2015 Canterbury Poetry Festival anthology, Poems From the Oak Room ed. Annie Freud, Emma Press (due out next year), Narrative Thread pub by Bridport Story Traders, the East Coker Poets occasional anthologies and got a commended from the Winchester Literary Festival.

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Novels And Book Covers

Starting with a FLASH! by Alex Reece Abbott

And we’re off! First up, flash fiction – for the Sixth International Hysteria Writing Competition, that means two hundred and fifty words with the very loose theme “things of interest to women.”

So, what if you could spend five minutes with an award-winning, flash fiction writer and get her to share her top three tips? And, maybe a proven story generator too?

We did it for you.

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Hysteria 2017 Writer In Residence

Writer in Residence 2017, Alex Reece Abbott

Greetings! I’m Alex Reece Abbott and I’m delighted to join the Hysterectomy Association as the third Writer in Residence. And we’re counting down to the Sixth International Hysteria Writing Competition for women writers.

  • Don’t forget, Hysteria opens on 01 April 2017 with a deadline of 31 August 2017 GMT
  • No theme, beyond simply “things of interest to women”
  • No limits on your number of entries
  • And yes, you can enter all three categories
    • Flash – 250 words
    • Short Story – 2,000 words
    • Poetry – 20 lines
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Hysteria 2016 Judge

Meet Sherry Morris, flash fiction judge for Hysteria 2016

Which writers or poets inspire you and why?

I like writers who evoke strong feelings in their readers:  there’s Stephen King and Shirley Jackson with their mastery of suspense and horror. Thomas Hardy has his tragedies; Lorrie Moore and John Irving write incredibly sad, yet funny, moving stories with memorable characters. I was amazed by the clever construction of David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas.  The brevity and power of Raymond Carver challenges me to keep my own writing short and intense–perhaps one day *I’ll* have a story that makes the most of the space between paragraphs.

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