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Waxing Lyrical About Poetry

Waxing lyrical about poetry

The third category for the Sixth International Hysteria Writing Competition is poetry. That means a poem with the very loose theme “things of interest to women.” Oh, and a maximum of twenty lines, not including spaces. Our writer in residence Alex Reece Abbott has asked some award-winning poets and judges from around the world to share their best pointers for writing poetry for her post this month – big thanks go to the fabulous Frankie McMillan; Camille Ralphs; Jane Clarke and Aki Schilz for their support and valuable insights.

Camille has also kindly shared a poetry generator, so even if you’ve never written a poem before, there’s plenty of ideas to get you started for our deadline of August 31 2017. You can enter the poetry category on the Hysteria website.

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Meeting Natasha Bland, Short Story Category Judge For Hysteria 2017

Meeting Natasha Bland, short story category judge for Hysteria 2017

Natasha Bland is a member of our lovely short story judging team this year. Originally from Devon, Natasha is now based in Kapiti, New Zealand. Her short stories are published in various anthologies and have been shortlisted in competitions, including the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize, Early Works Press Short Story Competition, and NZ Writers College Short Story Competition.

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Meet Marie Gethins, Flash Fiction Category Judge For Hysteria 2017

Meet Marie Gethins, flash fiction category judge for Hysteria 2017

Marie Gethins is a member of the Flash Fiction judging team for the Hysteria Writing Competition 2017. She lives and works in Cork, Ireland and is a flash fiction and short story writer with many credits to her name who has won or been placed in The Short Story, Tethered by Letters flash, Flash500, Dromineer Literary Festival, The New Writer Microfiction, Prick of the Spindle. She has also had other work listed by some of the UK’s leading writing competitions, the Bristol Short Story Prize, Fish Short Story/Flash/Memoir, James Plunkett Award, Listowel Writers’ Week Originals, Inktears, RTE/Penguin, Molotav Cocktail, Lightship, Doris Gooderson, Over the Edge and WOW! Award . Marie is a Pushcart and Best of the Short Fictions nominee. You can meet Marie on Twitter @MarieGethins.

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Meet Lyndsey Shir-McDermott-Pour, Short Story Judge For Hysteria 2017

Meet Lyndsey Shir-McDermott-Pour, short story judge for Hysteria 2017

Lyndsey Shir-McDermott-Pour is one of the Short Story category team of judges for Hysteria 2017. A few years ago she won a competition to write the opening to a novel sequel by author Geoffrey Iley, author of Navegator. She’s had a short stories published in her paper and the Plague: Aftermath anthology;  a historical article for Celtic Life magazine published in Canada, Scotland and Ireland and the opening of her novel was shortlisted for an event at Chipping Norton literary festival. More recently she had been part of a team of four running an online book review group where self published authors can request reviews for their books.

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An Interview With Ingrid Jendrzejewski, Hysteria 2017 Flash Fiction Judge

An interview with Ingrid Jendrzejewski, Hysteria 2017 Flash Fiction Judge

Ingrid Jendrzejewski is one of the Flash Fiction team of judges for Hysteria 2017. One of two runners up for the Bath Novella-in-Flash competition, her novella (composed of stand-alone flash-fiction pieces) will the published with the novellas written by the winner and the other runner up later this year. You can catch up with Ingrid and her annual Christmas Puzzles on her website: and also on Twitter @LunchOnTuesday

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Meeting Liz Berg, Judging The Short Story Category For Hysteria 2017

Meeting Liz Berg, judging the Short Story category for Hysteria 2017

Liz Berg is one of our team of short story judges in the Hysteria Writing Competition 2017. Liz is a storyteller with a background in education who has told stories in schools, mental health homes, clubs, festivals and parks. She has a special interest in Jewish stories, both Ashkenazi and Sephardi and is part of Mazed- collecting and retelling stories from  South East Cornwall. You can meet Liz on her blog at:

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